Welcome to Miracle Marathon!

Miracle Marathon is a non-profit organization offering a variety of services for individual’s,
teams, companies and organizations.

  • Individual training programs for endurance athlete’s
  • Team training schedules
  • Individual and team fundraising programs
  • Motivational presentations for teams, companies, organizations
    • Health and Wellness presentations
      • Weight loss
      • Stress Management
      • Nutrition
      • Fitness
    • Positive attitude presentations
    • Christian inspirational presentations
  • Corporate wellness consultation

About Rick Canada, M.S.!

Rick received his M.S. degree from the University of South Carolina in exercise
physiology. It was here that he gained the knowledge of exercise, sports medicine and
training concepts that have allowed him to educate others in proper training modalities.
He has coached runners ranging from beginners to Olympic caliber athletes.

Rick has worked in the field of health and wellness his entire career. He was Tennessee’s
first Director of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity and was nicknamed the “Obesity
Czar” for his expertise in reducing obesity across Tennessee.

Rick has helped to lead many to Christ through his true life testimonial describing his life
changing experience while running the Boston Marathon. Civic groups and Christian
organizations have found this to be a moving lecture.