John "the Penguin" Bingham Runner's World columnist

As an "adult-onset" athlete, I knew nothing about training. I had lots of left over messages like "No pain, no gain". As a result, I spent the better part of the first year or so of my running career injured. Rick Canada changed all that. He created a reasonable and rational training program for me that allowed me to reach my goals. He set expectations that were challenging but realistic. The results I got working with Rick were nothing short of amazing. Not only did I complete several marathons, but I also competed in bicycle races and two half-ironman triathlons. It is not an exaggeration to say that my running career would have ended as quickly as it began if it hadn't been for the quality training that Rick provided.

Bill Lowe

I have known Rick for more than 20+ years and his passion for running, training and helping you achieve your fitness goal is unmatched. While there are many "so called" coaches out there, Rick's style of proper balance within your lifestyle, not only helps you enjoy your training, but actually makes it fun! Rick has helped me obtain many goalsl I once thought were not within my reach. Whether it be a 5K or an ultramarathon, I can guarantee one thing, Rick will get you to the finish line with a smile!

Bill Lowe

Bob Dray

The Boston Marathon ! … I was from the Boston area…lifelong Red Sox …Celtics…New England Patriots… in my blood! And the Boston Marathon. Somehow I accepted the fact that I would never play for the Red Sox or Celtics or Patriots. But run Boston…maybe…just maybe. Many things can steal our dreams and some are just other priorities or different goals. After marriage (great wife), children (really great kids), medical school, surgical residency and starting a practice I had let dreams of ever running Boston slip away. When I heard Rick Canada was training to “qualify” for Boston. I began to dream… just a little. “Here’s the schedule ,” he said. “Why don’t you do some of the workouts with me?” The first week or two didn’t look too difficult. Of course the training became more rigorous. But I had a clear explanation of what each workout would accomplish. Furthermore, the value of rest, nutrition and proper running gear were outlined to maximize the efficiency of tempo, interval, hill and long distance running . Even some injury management was needed to keep me going. Twelve weeks later I qualified for the Boston Marathon with a 3:10:53 Rocket City Marathon (Huntsville,Ala.) When asked what I did to qualify my honest answer was always “I just did what Rick told me to do.” I do recall that about three days before the race Rick told me that he had reviewed all the current literature on marathon training. “We got all the bases covered,” he said. What a confidence builder! Boston was a once-in-a-lifetime thrill for me, a dream come true. I was still looking for “Heartbreak Hill” and there was Coolidge Corner. Indeed, we did get all the bases covered! Rick has mastered both the general [what everybody needs to do] and the specific [what you need to do] requirements for many exercise goals. I have further benefited in age group running and triathlons. And I have watched many people from all different levels of talent literally ‘run away’ with the blessing of having trained with the best.

Paula Thomas

Rick Canada has a unique ability to work with runners at any ability level, and to make them feel good about their progress. I had been a 3-mile per day, 3 days per week runner for many years. I decided that I wanted to run the 2002 Country Music half-marathon, but I doubted my ability to increase my mileage to 13.1 miles in 5 months. After all, I thought that my 3 miles a day was quite an accomplishment! Not only did Rick encourage me to give it a try, but he set out a realistic training program to make it happen. The program never felt overwhelming; it had incremental steps that gave me confidence to be successful and accomplish my goal. Not only did I complete that half-marathon, but I’ve done 7 more and still counting – thanks to Rick!

Tom Ridley

Prior to meeting Rick Canada my running had peaked. No matter what creative training I tried, I just couldn’t best 40:30 for a 10K. After following Rick’s program, my 10K race time dropped to 37:15. Eventually my marathon times would tumble form 3:11 to 2:58. If you want to improve or simply feel more fit, talk to Rick!

Tom Ridley

Rich Walfoort

Rick is a fantastic coach. I ran my first half marathon at age 57 and wasn't sure I could do it. He told me exactly how to proceed, was there to support me at each step in the training, and encouraged me to keep going when I thought I couldn't make it. He also keeps us engaged as a team, even though some of us are remote, and team members he introduced me to have helped immensely as all. I am now working with him on my second half, and plan to do a full marathon in 12 to 18 months. Thanks, Rick!