Personal Coaching Miracle Marathon will provide you individual training schedule’s based on your current training schedule and your goal race.
Fundraising Miracle Marathon will assist you in your fundraising efforts for your favorite charity.
Teams Miracle Marathon can help you recruit a team to train and fundraise for a particular event. You choose the race and we will coach the team in their training and fundraising
Presentations Rick Canada, M.S. has presented over 1,500 presentations and lectures in his professional career and his style is both entertaining and informative. He has expertise in all health and wellness topics
Attitude Attitude can make or break a company or an organization. Rick Canada, M.S. has developed a positive attitude presentation that has received rave reviews from companies and organizations.
Christian Witness Rick Canada, M.S. has one of the most powerful testimonials that revolve around his Boston Marathon experience. The audience will be moved to witness the power of Jesus Christ.
Corporate Wellness Rick Canada, M.S. is an expert in the field of corporate wellness and he has consulted with companies across Tennessee to assist them in their development of employee wellness programs.